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The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan means "Planning with People in Focus". It is the idea of ​​an integrated approach and enhances the balanced development of all modes of transport alongside the shift towards alternative modes of transport. It is a strategic plan based on existing planning practices and takes into account the principles of integration, participation and evaluation so as to meet the mobility needs of people today and in the future with a view to a better quality of life in cities and in the wider region their.

The development of a common vision will be one of the cornerstones of the city of Chania. The vision provides a qualitative description of the desired future urban environment and is what will set the basis for identifying the objectives and measures that will emerge. This long-term vision for the development of transport and mobility for the whole urban area, including all modes and modes of transport, will become the driver of the city of Chania, where it is widely accepted by both citizens as well as by stakeholders.
The involvement of different types of stakeholders (public authorities, private enterprises, social organizations and citizens' organizations, or all of them together) throughout the planning process of sustainable urban mobility in the city of Chania and addressing their particular requirements is important. This will help to validate the project and improve its quality. At the same time, as citizens are a specific sub-group of stakeholders, their involvement in the planning process will be a top priority for local authorities to ensure the validation and quality of the decision-making process.

The identification of the objectives and priorities of the SUMP of the city of Chania will be achieved by identifying the social, environmental and economic improvements required, focusing on what needs to be reduced, improved or stagnant. Objectives are in fact the ultimate goal and the most specific form of commitment to a CSR, relate to the desired degree of change within a given timeframe, while providing transparency and clarity for planning on changes in transport and urban mobility .

The development of SUMP Chania focused on achieving ambitious, measurable targets derived from short-term objectives, in line with a mobility vision and incorporated in the overall strategy of sustainable development. It contains a plan for the short-term implementation of strategies, including a clear implementation schedule, a draft budget, and a clear allocation of responsibilities and resources needed to implement the policies and measures included in the plan.

The SUMP is the idea of ​​an integrated approach and enhances the balanced development of all modes of transport alongside the shift towards alternative modes of transport. At a time when financial resources are limited, it is very important that the solutions adopted take advantage of the available resources in a more efficient way. Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in the city of Chania will change priorities from major road projects to a balanced mix of measures including low-cost mobility management measures.

Monitoring and evaluation of both the design process and the implementation of the measures is vital to the effectiveness of the project. The establishment of a monitoring and evaluation mechanism will help to identify and prevent problems in the preparation and implementation of the SUMP of the city of Chania and, if necessary, "redefine" measures to reach the targets within the available budget . At the same time, while demonstrating the effectiveness of the project and its measures, the public debate will be re-fed.

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